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Travel Home

roadsurfer4/56 km from Bilbao

Travel Home +8
Immediately available
4 adults
Unlimited kilometres
2 beds
Pets allowed
€1,149.00 / €82.07 per night
Surfer Suite

roadsurfer4/56 km from Bilbao

Surfer Suite +10
Immediately available
4 adults
Unlimited kilometres
2 beds
Pets allowed
€1,205.00 / €86.07 per night
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Campervan hire in Bilbao

How does CamperDays work?

Finding the perfect combination of rental company, campervan make, availability, and price changes pleasure into nightmare. That is why CamperDays offers a superb online tool to turn this task into an easy ride. Once you fill in the online form with the dates that interest you the most, you will see a list of available vehicles, along with their specification. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of dedicated filters and a price range slider. You can easily adjust the parameters to match your requirements and financial means. Remember: with CamperDays, there are no hidden charges on the pick-up. You can also enjoy full transparency when it comes to prices and deals.

  • 1. Find a campervan
    1. Find a campervan

    Simply enter your dates and location to begin your search.

  • 2. Receive offers
    2. Receive offers

    Request or book the campervan you want to rent for a great price.

  • 3. Book and go
    3. Book and go

    Complete your booking and your unforgettable adventure can begin!

Why is it worth booking a campervan in Bilbao as early as possible?

Motorhome adventures can be easily tailored to your own needs. The only thing that limits you in coming up with thrilling highlights is your own imagination and creativity. Even though initially renting a campervan may seem a daunting challenge, there is nothing simpler to do! You save a lot of money along the way, as you spend nothing on accommodation or affordable airline tickets. What is more, there is no need for you to adjust your plans to any tight schedules or timetables. Spain is a perfect environment for exactly this type of exploration. In Bilbao, you will find plenty ofinteresting campervan deals. In order to benefit from the most interesting fleet of campervans equipped with top-notch amenities, it is best to take early steps and secure your dream vehicle ahead of time. Simply follow the rule – first come, first served, as early birds can enjoy a whole spectrum of top features. If you have any concerns about your vehicle or about the trip itself, it is best co contact the CamperDays customer service department. You will enjoy a lot of flexibility as we guarantee a transparent cancellation policy and free reservation changes. If you want to hear a few pro tips on campervan travel, our professional team is here to help you. We will resolve all your doubts and answer all of your questions in next to no time!

FAQ - the most frequently asked questions about campervan hire in Bilbao

  • A driver’s licence issued in the EU will be enough to rent a campervan in Bilbao.

  • Yes, the deposit has to be paid with a credit card. It has to belong to the main driver.

  • Crossing borders is not forbidden, but you should definitely inform the rental company beforehand.

  • Many companies in Bilbao accept pets in their vehicles. More information can be found in the rental conditions.

  • Camping wild in Spain is forbidden by law, so it is best to stick to designated camping places.

  • 21 is the minimum age required to rent a vehicle in Bilbao.

  • Most rental companies in Bilbao have nothing against young children in their RVs, so you can freely travel with a baby around Spain.

Which rental companies are available in Bilbao?

McRent is one of the popular campervan hire companies available in Bilbao.


McRent is know for a very reliable and diverse campervan offer. All of its campervans are perfectly equipped with interesting and practical amenities. In its basic package, you will enjoy unlimited mileage and additional driver option, which might come especially in handy during longer trips around Spain. You will also enjoy kitchen equipment and utensils.
Full address of the McRent rental station in Bilbao:
Txorierri Etorbide 20 - Pabellón 4
48180 Loiu
McRent does not offer airport transfer to and from Bilbao Airport (BIO), but you can easily reach it with public transport or a taxi. If you go for the latter, remember to always pick the taxis up at official taxi ranks.

  • Indie Campers
  • McRent Holding GmbH
  • roadsurfer

Categories of campervans in Bilbao

Small campervans
Small campervans
2 - 4 peopleFuel consumption: 10 - 20 l / 100 kmFor people who don’t need much spacePros: mobile, compact, low rental price
Luxury motorhomes
Luxury motorhomes
3 - 7 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 25 l / 100 kmFor people who like high comfortPros: spacious, high comfort, exclusive equipment
Large motorhomes
Large motorhomes
3 - 7 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 25 - 35 l / 100 kmFor experienced driversPros: comfortable, spacious
4WD campervans
4WD campervans
2 - 4 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 16 l / 100 kmFor people who love exploring the landscapePros: powerful engine, all-terrain
Truck campervan
Truck campervan
2 - 5 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 30 l / 100 kmFor intermediate driversPros: all-terrain, comfortable, mobile, powerful engine

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Discover gorgeous cities, sunny Mediterranean beaches, deep green forests, and endless mountain ranges across Europe. With an RV, you are the master of your own destiny. Whether you want to visit multiple countries or linger around in one area for a longer period,
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Explore the gorgeous Scottish Highlands and the numerous castles spread across the UK. Get into nature on a multi-day hike in the national parks. Admire the history and architecture in the age-old cities. Or simply combine all of the above on a camper trip of a lifetime!

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