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Rent exactly the campervan that suits you through CamperDays and experience unforgettable holidays in the UK, Europe and worldwide. With our many years of experience, we will be happy to help you find the perfect camper or motorhome for your dream holiday.

Campervan travel destinations

You want to rent a campervan but don't know where to go yet? Take a look at the most popular countries for a campervan holiday.

It goes without saying that almost any country can be discovered with a campervan. But there are also countries that are particularly well suited for a camper trip. These countries often have exceptionally beautiful landscapes that are begging to be explored up close and a good infrastructure for campervan holidaymakers. Even if a country is very large and you want to cover long distances comfortably, a camper is especially rewarding.

Australia in a CampervanAustralia in a Campervan

Come and visit Australia by campervan to experience a country that is just perfect for campers. Whether the colourful world of the Great Barrier Reef or the famous Uluru, Australia is a diverse and relatively inexpensive destination for campervan holidaymakers. Sure, it's expensive to get there, but locally, campervans, campsites and fuel are cheaper than in many other countries. Perfect for an extended road trip! More about campervans in Australia...

Canada in a CampervanCanada in a Campervan

Whether the huge icebergs in the north, the rugged landscapes in the west or the multi-faceted cities in the east - Canada is a diverse country. Renting a campervan will bring you up close and personal with them. Wide roads, affordable campsites often in the middle of national parks and a large selection of spacious and comfortable campervans make Canada a favourite destination for first-time campers. More about campervans in Canada...

New Zealand in a CampervanNew Zealand in a Campervan

Buckle up! In New Zealand, you won't want to stop your camper so you can see as much of the country as possible. The North and South Islands are teeming with unique natural features and idyllic landscapes. Therefore, if possible, plan several weeks for your road trip to the other side of the world. The main travel season is during the European winter months (when New Zealand is in summer). This is the time of year when many campervan fans flock to the beautiful roads of this country. But if you plan wisely and take a campervan on some of the less known routes, you will find beautiful, secluded places all year round. More about campervans in New Zealand...

USA in a CampervanUSA in a Campervan

The USA is probably the most famous country for unforgettable road trips. You will never be short of attractive destinations and unique highlights in the United States. With a campervan, you are right in the thick of this country's fantastic scenery. A large selection of campervan rental companies, wide, expansive roads and the right campsites for every taste ensure the best camper conditions. Book your perfect campervan and fulfil your very own road trip dream. More about campervans in the USA...

Germany in a CampervanGermany in a Campervan

Why follow the masses when you can go the road less travelled? When you rent a campervan in Germany, rugged coasts and dense forests, dramatic mountains and picturesque villages await you. Discover new paths while enjoying the comfort of well-established infrastructure. Whether it's a campervan or a luxury RV - find the vehicle that suits you best and get going! More about campervans in Germany...

France in a CampervanFrance in a Campervan

It's not just the countryside, the great campsites and the well-maintained roads that make France an ideal destination for campervan fans - it's also the great cuisine that attracts many visitors to our neighbours across the pond every year. And you don't have to go to expensive gourmet restaurants for that. You can also conjure up a feast in the kitchen of your campervan with delicious products from regional markets. Then enjoy it on your campsite under a million stars. More about campervans in France...

Spain in a CampervanSpain in a Campervan

Miles of beaches, picturesque towns, diverse islands: Who doesn't get into the holiday mood right away? Spain offers its visitors relaxation and adventure all year round. However, campervan holidaymakers especially like to travel in autumn, when the roads are emptier and they can enjoy Spain's nature in peace. The weather is also much milder in autumn and spring. In summer it can get quite warm in a campervan. More about campervans in Spain...

Sweden in a CampervanSweden in a Campervan

When the campsites open in spring, many campervan fans head north to explore the lakes and forests of Sweden. This country is particularly popular with families. Discovering the world of Astrid Lindgren, canoeing and picking blueberries - a campervan summer in Sweden guarantees unforgettable moments together. By the way: many Swedish holidaymakers start their camper trip in Germany. The vehicles are often cheaper there and you can hop over the border in minutes. More about campervans in Sweden...

The UK in a CampervanThe UK in a Campervan

Why always go to distant lands when adventure awaits you at home? The United Kingdom is ideally suited to campervan holidays not only thanks to its stunning scenery, but also its excellent infrastructure. Local rental companies offer a wide range of vehicles, from compact panel vans to spacious overcab vans. Campsites in the Scottish Highlands, on the Cornish coast or in the Welsh mountains bring you and your camper close to the highlights of this unique region. More about campervans in the United Kingdom...

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